What is aging? At what age would the aging begin?
 General speaking, we have the most brain cells at the age of 20. Aging of the skin begins at the age of 20. The speed of generating collagen and collagen fibers slows down. From the age of 30, the speed of muscular loss is faster than reconstructing rate. Bone degeneration and bone structure begins weak from about age 35. At the age of 40, we lose about 10,000 brain cells per day and aging of vision begins. Besides, we lose muscle rapidly. The immune system of intestine depends upon the fertility flora. At about the age of 55, the intestinal fertility flora greatly reduced and causes the declination of immunity. The degeneration of bladder begins at age 65. Female would face even worth problem because the influence of hormone so urinary incontinence is more common in female. Above are common aging phenomenon and problems in different age group.

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