What are the Indications of Intravenous Laser Bloo

Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation

 Chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, metabolic abnormalities, etc.
 Cardiovascular disease
 Chronic pain, rheumatism disease, fibromyalgia, etc
 Allergies and eczema 
 Macular degeneration
 Tinnitus
 Multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease
 Depression, fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome
 To improve exercise performance, gynecological problems, and hormonal conditioning
 Menstrual disorders and postpartum conditioning

 Laser Irradiation on Joints and Tissues

 HIVD and chronic spondylosis
 Spinal stenosis, tendonitis of deep tendon and sprain
 Osteoarthritis
 Shaping and weight loss
 Light sensitive cancer treatment
 Treatment for necrosis of metastasis or non-metastatic cancer