Breast / uterus / ovarian ultrasound
1.Gynecological ultrasound examination: check whether if there is a tumor or other abnormal changes in the uterus and ovarian.

2.Abdominal ultrasound examination: the ultrasound probe will be operated above the abdomen, so you should swell the bladder (hold back the urine) to increase the penetration rate of ultrasound waves.

3.Vaginal ultrasound examination: the ultrasound probe will be operated in the vagina, so you do not need to swell the bladder. It is recommended to the patients with early pregnancy, ovarian tumor, and thicker abdominal fat tissue for the specific and clear detection rate. However, it is not suitable for the patients without sexual experience.

4.Breast ultrasound examination: it is a non-invasive testing method without damages to the body or any side effect. The duration of the examination is about 10 to 20 minutes, and it is recommended to the young female and the oriental female, due to the populations are with more proportion of the composition of the glands in the breasts. The examination can detect whether there is a fibroid, cyst or lump in the breasts (it is recommended that the examination is better to do on the female with the age under 45 years and at the date 2 to 3 days after the end of the period). However, the examination has restriction to detect the mild calcification or early stage of in situ cancer.