The extremely smoothing treatment for pregnant women
The symptoms of edema, burnout, back pain, and hands and feet swollen are the sweet loads of almost every pregnant mummy. The symptoms might be caused by the greater and heavier uterus for oppressing the pelvis and tail vertebrae, and the larger belly for leading the center of body weight getting forward gradually during the pregnancy. The hormones changing during the pregnancy might cause disturbed emotional stress, insomnia, and shoulder and neck pain, and that is why the pregnant woman cannot sleep a good night.

Our clinic provides a number of extremely soothing treatments for pregnant women, which are taught by the assistant administrator Fang-Yi Chen, who has more than 10 years of clinical obstetrics experience, and supported by the professional medical team. After interviewed by Dr. Chen, he will design a personal smoothing treatment for according your personal body situation, to provide you a more comfortable health caring during the pregnancy, and let the pregnancy and production go smoothly.