Postpartum health care
After pregnancy for about 10 months, new mothers experienced the huge change from a wife to a mother. You not only have to sacrifice your sleeping quality to take care of the newborn, but also have to face the body shapes changes and the appearances mentally: the loose belly, fat accumulation on the buttocks and thighs, pregnancies on the cheeks and cheekbones, darker the areola, dull yellow skin color and the pigmentation. The problems make new mothers afraid to see themselves in the mirror. More annoying thing is the young women they never feel the symptom of urinary incontinence would happen on their own selves, but they found that they cannot control their bladders when doing the body activities in the postpartum.

Dr. Fang-yi Chen and our clinic team designed the health caring treatment to help postpartum mother to tighten the muscles of abdomen and buttocks without sweat, and do the skin caring and peeling. Whether you want to do the areola whitening, deal with the pregnancies and the postpartum urinary incontinence (to fasten the recovery speed), do the vaginal firming and plus vulva whitening, and the abdominal muscle training, you can find your own treatment after communicating with our medical team.