Led by the superintendent, Dr. David Lin, who possesses 20 years of clinical experience in orthopedics, Infinity Clinic carries on the reputation accumulated by Dr. Yeong-Fwu Lin, MD, PhD, a renowned doctor with 50 years of experience in orthopedics, offering patients the most advanced treatment, including pain therapy, sports injuries treatment, and sports medicine.

Being attentive to female patients, Infinity Clinic also has female doctors for obstetrics and gynecology and preventive medicine. Customized according to the aging process of individual, the therapy can activate body function and start self-repairing. Infinity Clinic takes care of common health problems of modern women from the inside out to regain health and youth.


Dr. David LinOrthopedist


Mission of Infinity Clinic: Enhancing the immune system with innovative therapy and cell repairing; Building up healthy and high quality life by preventing aging and investing the future.


Dr. Fang-Yi ChenMD Ob-Gyn

Deputy Superintendent

With the advanced technology, Infinity Clinic heals and takes care of the modern women form the inside out, accumulating inverse aging energy to shine with beauty.


Dr, Yeong-Fwu LinMD, PhD

Consultant in General & Orthopedist

With humanity and profession in medicine, we are devoted to innovation and sharing the values with our customers.


Louis ChienPhysical Therapist

Sports Medicine Specialist

You have to exercise to live a healthy life. We take care of your health from the inside out, helping you to heal and get on your feet in no time, enjoying exercising without harm.


Chien-Ho Janice LinPhysical Therapist

Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist

Activate body function and trigger self-repairing; Infinity Clinic guides you towards anti-aging through nutrition and exercise.