Dr, Yeong-Fwu LinMD, PhDConsultant in General & Orthopedist

With humanity and profession in medicine, we are devoted to innovation and sharing the values with our customers.

Professional Experiences/College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
EMBA, National Chengchi University
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, National Yang-Ming University

Physician, National Taiwan University Hospital
President, Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch
Orthopedics coordinator, Taipei City Hospital
Chief strategy officer and attending physician, West Garden Medical System
Specialty/General check-up and anti-aging health care
Non-incisional laser and PRP for joint
Laser joint prolotherapy
Orthopedic minimally invasive surgery
Joint endoscopic surgery
Total joint arthroplasty
Fracture and sports injuries treatment
Osteoporosis prevention and cure