Dr. David LinOrthopedistSuperintendent

Mission of Infinity Clinic: Enhancing the immune system with innovative therapy and cell repairing; Building up healthy and high quality life by preventing aging and investing the future.

Professional Experiences/Doctoral candidate, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Yang-Ming University
National Taiwan University Hospital
Instructor of College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Deputy Superintendent of Yong-An Clinic
Attending physician, Orthopedics, En Chu Kong Hospital
Attending physician, Orthopedics, National Taiwan University Hospital
Chief physician, Orthopedics, National Taiwan University Hospital
Specialty/Laser and PRP treatment for joint
Laser and PRP treatment for spine
Function recovery for acute and chronic shoulder injury
Non-incisional PRP for knee joint
Corrective procedure for osteoarthritis
Minimally invasive surgery for traumatic fracture
Spinal surgery
Evaluation and treatment for growth retardation
Awards and Honors/Principal investigator, National Science Council